It’s baking season

(Yes, I know, when ISN’T it baking season!)

I have actually been a bit slack on the baking front lately (ok, for at least the past 10 months!), I don’t know why. But with the Christmas season upon us, I’ve been thinking more and more about baking, and actually doing some, along with my little helper, who mostly just wants to eat the chocolate chips before they go in the mix, and then eat the finished product. Always with an enthusiastic “YUM” though, so can’t complain about that!

I ramped it up in the past two days – on Tuesday I cranked out rocky road, peppermint bark and rum balls:

And then choc chip biscuits and lemon coconut slice yesterday. I also finished off some crochet snowflakes – instead of my usual white thread, I thought I’d try out some silver sparkly ackrylicky stuff (I KNOW, but it’s a once-off, ok!). They looked pretty ordinary before blocking and gluing (so much so that I didn’t even take a photo), but I think you will agree with me that they actually came up a treat:

All of this baking and crafting was for Connor’s day care staff – I am in a locality based mother’s group on facebook (sigh, I know, but there are some useful posts!) and there’s been a lot of talk about gifts for teachers etc. I thought that a big box of homemade goodies (plus fresh cherries as well), in some nice bowls with festive red tea towels, might be more popular than (or at least different to) the apparently ubiquitous mug/ chocolates/ candles/ hand cream that many recommended.

I included some plastic takeaway containers too, in case the staff wanted to take some home – although the Director assured me that there would probably be none left by 2pm! Heh heh, I can totally understand the need for a midday sugar hit, as I sit here with my cup of tea and plate of leftover goodies:

Quality control, right?



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12 responses to “It’s baking season

  1. I agree with Connor – yum! and I expect the day-care staff will also agree.

  2. Super prepared! Do you know about Lizbeth cotton? I’ve seen it for tatting, but you can use it for crochet as well. Lots of lovely colours.

  3. DrK

    yum yum yum. a lovely thoughtful and pretty gift and im sure it was very much appreciated. i hope you did more quality control than that…

  4. Madmad

    I like your helper’s methodology! Much easier than all that shaping, cutting and washing up after, heh heh. And what a gorgeous gift – they’ll love it!

  5. When someone is there who really appreciates the baking, it makes me want to bake even more. I won’t even start until a week or two from now. Otherwise, there won’t be anything left by Christmas. Willpower is not our strong suit.

  6. Oh that is a basket of beauty! Just been catching up a little round here, just not in the blogging swing of things at the mo but it’ll be back and I must do better at visiting – since Google Reader went I am rubbish at keeping up!

  7. lovely idea for a teacher’s/carer’s gift, something a bit different. They look delish!

  8. What a lovely treat for those hard working teachers, Yum is right!

  9. You do need a taste tester and Connor is obviously the one for the job!! That is a lovely gift. I know teachers really appreciate a gift that has been carefully though about. Yum, nice cup of tea and a plate of Christmas baking!!

  10. As a teacher, I give you an A+ on your holiday gift!

  11. Yum!! They look great and love the snowflakes too.

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