Are we there yet?

Four more weeks. Four more weeks. Oh my dog.
Four more weeks!
Lucky I got this finished in time, so Humphrey (not his real name!) will have something to wear home from hospital:

(Do you think it will fit?!)

Pattern: Viggo vest by Drops – a freebie pattern with the detail I was looking for – fingering yarn, stripes (although that’s an easy modification!) and button shoulders. I did convert it to knit in the round to the armholes, and added a purl faux seam on the sides, to hide the colour change:

Even so, I still ended up with 32 ends to sew in – yes, you read right, THIRTY-TWO ends!! How can something so small have so many ends?!

(This photo was taken after I had sewn in some of the ends while waiting at the OB’s office!)

Yarn: As Humphrey will be a summer baby, I have used cotton for the vest rather than the called for alpaca/silk. I used 33g of Rowan 4ply cotton in natural and about 22g of a red hand-dyed Cleckheaton natural cotton that I was given in a yarn swap. A whole garment in only 55g of yarn! Even so, I hope it won’t be a boiling hot day in February when we bring him home from hospital. But I couldn’t not have a hand-knit to dress him in!

Sticks: 3.5mm for the body and 3mm for the ribbing – the pattern uses smaller sticks, but I didn’t want it to be too firm – hopefully it will fit him for more than 5 minutes!

Time: oof, I started this on 18 August 2013!! I have had a few deadline projects in between, heh! Finished yesterday, 18 January 2014.

Four weeks to go. Plenty of time!



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9 responses to “Are we there yet?

  1. DrK

    It is really super cute! I love the sort of flashing in the red, it almost gives it diagonal stripes too. He will look very smart coming home in that. I hope the next four weeks go smoothly and you get plenty of rest and stay cool now xx

  2. “Humphrey” is going to look quite dashing in his brand new sweater. Good luck to you as you work through this next month, stay rested and happy.

  3. sue

    Oh how cute will he look in his brand new vest. Hope the day isnt too hot when you have to bring him home.

  4. Looks great. I only had a beanie ready for when Max came home with us. And he is a winter baby so it was just me being slack.

  5. I think vests are THE most practical hand-knitted garments for babies – and this one’s stylish as well. Love the idea of hiding the colour-change jogs in the faux seams.

  6. That’s one handsome vest! Kid’s going to have style

  7. Madmad

    Can’t wait to see him modeling it!

  8. oh, hiding the colour change in the faux seam is a clever idea! Impressed 🙂

    He will look darling in his wee vest, I’m sure. Fingers crossed it’s a mild February for you xx

  9. jan

    That looks really great. Love babies dressed in colours. Getting closer now, hope the weather is not too hot. I was nine months pregnant in a January heatwave and still remember how horrible that was.

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