12 on 12

My lovely blog buddy Sarah has been doing these monthly picture posts, 12 photos of your day, the day being the 12th of that particular month. I thought I’d play along, since new motherhood is so exciting and glamourous!

My day begins the same as every other day – breakfast of two pieces of toast – one with vegemite, one with peanut butter – and a cup of tea. Eaten while I feed Harry. Or while I express. I’m having terrible trouble feeding H the usual way, so every few hours I have a date with my Medela Swing (I’m not sure what’s so swingy about it, but I suppose they had to name it something. “Pump” being perhaps too obvious. Perhaps it was named by the same people who do tampon ads, “swing” being much more evocative of swanning around having fun with your girlfriends than the reality of actually using the machine). Anyway!

And of course my day wouldn’t be complete without a large dose of ABC for Kids tv. The next best thing to a babysitter.

Then a couple of loads of washing go on, and I help Connor make a duplo train track. Later, when daddy gets home from work, the duplo track is replaced with a wooden Thomas track.


I have an appointment with my lactation consultant in the afternoon, and I get a puff finished on my way home – yes, I am still knitting puffs! I have about 500 or so still to knit. At my current rate of around 5/month, it will only take me another NINE years to finish all the puffs…heh heh.

I also (somewhat amazingly) find some time to work on Harry’s blanket, which is still not finished. Lucky it’s still mostly warm here at the moment. I am on the last main round of it, once this round is done I have only two quick rounds of double (single) crochet and then it’s done done done!

After my appointment I picked up some “nursing tea” – a herbal tea which is supposed to help increase supply. I am not a fan of herbal teas, but i figure its worth a try, and I have a cup after dinner. It’s ok, slightly aniseedy, but drinkable. And it seems to have some effect the next day, so yay!

The observant among you may have noticed that’s only 9 photos…sad to say that’s really it for my day. You can look at the photo of the Swing three more times if you like, since I see it at least that many times, if not more, each day.

Or you can look at this picture of Harry, I hope that the cute babby will count as three more photos, since I probably stop and look at him at least that many times each day every time he is asleep!



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7 responses to “12 on 12

  1. Sue

    One picture of Harry or Connor is worth more than three pictures of anything else!
    And you manage to get out and about – you are a superwoman!

  2. I’m stuck on the last photo – can’t look away šŸ˜‰

    good luck with the nursing woes, hope it picks up for you soon xx

  3. I look at my Medela Swing at least once a day (or I try to ignore it). You need to ask Celia to make you some lactation cookies! I’m going to try to make some this weekend (apparently they do taste quite good). Might be a better alternative to the tea.

  4. Madmad

    I am incredibly impressed you could put in the effort and energy to find a camera, take 9 pictures and post them! I’d be flopping on my couch watching ABC TV! But definitely, that last photo counts as more than 1!

  5. DrK

    my mind is still boggling about why they would call that a SWING and all the images that conjures up. why must we beat around the bush about these things?! i hope things improve in that department, and yes i looked at that last photo more than once too. thats definitely worth 12 šŸ™‚

  6. I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone in thinking that 12 pictures of your lovely boys would be a great way to mark one of your 12 12 days šŸ™‚ I love the way little people focus on their current activity – so much more uncluttered than we big people…
    It’s a long time since I had to muck around with pumps and whatnot, but I still remember the hassle (and the washing!!) – you have my sympathies šŸ™‚

  7. Oh yes, it is an art, naming things, and a responsibility, so I am glad the very cute sleepy Harry was not called Bommyknocker or something like that!! I am glad the tea has helped. Connor is such a clever boy with all his train organising!! I did wonder about the puffs. Keep going, I know you can do it!!!

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