Of course

There has been a bit of a chill in the air lately, in the early mornings and the evening – time to get out the winter woollies. I managed to locate the spot where I’d packed away Connor’s baby knitwear (no mean feat, I have baby and toddler clothes stashed all over my house – almost, but not quite, rivalling my yarn stash, heh!).

I thought I’d better freshen them all up with a wash, so that was done over the last few days. It was lovely to get them out and remember Connor wearing them, and to remember making them or receiving them from friends.

And I think most, if not all, of these lovely handknits will fit Harry as well.

I do so love that they will be worn again by another child of mine.

It also got me in the mood for starting something new for Harry. Of course!

Ok, two somethings new! (Of course!)

It did get me wondering what to do with the handknits once Harry has grown out of them. Do I keep them for potential grandchildren (!!), or give them to other family members or friends having babies? What have you done with things you’ve knitted for your kids (or yourself) when they no longer fit?



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11 responses to “Of course

  1. You pack them away carefully and save them, they are too precious to give to anyone who does not love hand knits.
    Hugs to you,

  2. travellersyarn

    Or you give them to someone who will appreciate handknits. No point giving them to the unappreciative!

  3. Madmad

    I saved some of the things I really loved, or loved how they looked on the child or the memories of the child wearing it. But really they are going to be outgrowing clothes under your roof for 18 years…. (admittedly less cute clothes as the years pass, but still) and just how much can you keep? Take pictures while Harry’s wearing them, if you’d like to have a keepsake, but only keep what you really want. No guilt!

  4. Yes, like MadMad I’m of the practical persuasion – most things get passed on to family or friends who will use and appreciate them. I never made anything precious enough for my kids to warrant putting it away with lavender and silver paper!

  5. I kept all the handknits, have to say! I made things specifically for others, rather than pass Lily’s on. I’m dying to see what the two new projects are, particularly the red 😉

  6. DrK

    oh all those cute little things! i would keep them in the first instance, just in case. as a historian, i have to remind you that these things are artefacts and will matter to someone one day! if not, then definitely give them to someone they will matter to today. i cant wait to see the two new things, both gorgeous colours. of course!

    • This is my dilemma – they matter to me! I am both a hoarder and a sentimentalist, so find it very difficult to think about giving them away. But I also love to see them worn and share the Handknit love…so I guess I will keep some and share some.

  7. I have shared some and kept some – the first knits they wore (boy and girl, so little recycling) along with the first shoes. I keep the handknit blankets. I only pass things along to those who know how to wash them properly. Now I only manage 1 handknit each a year (sizes 12 and 10). But now they also want socks! No hanging onto those when they are done!

  8. anita

    I passed them on, but kept the smallest and favourite and popped on a teddy bear!

  9. No one in my acquaintance knit when my girls were small so there are no treasured handknits. Wait! I have a crocheted sweater and hat set that my college roommate’s Aunt Ann made for my eldest girl (she used to make us slippers all the time, Aunt Ann slippers kept my feet warm). It’s the only handknit I have. I have my Christening dress that all of the girls wore and the bunting that they came home from the hospital wearing. I’ll pass them onto which ever grandchild comes along first I guess. But as Madmad says, they will outgrow a whole lot of clothes that you can’t possibly keep.

  10. My childhood things were passed on, and we wore passed on things as well, we weren’t poor, but things could be tight. I still have my pink and white hand knitted going to church dress and a knitted bag. I think you should keep the most memorable things and hand some others on to share the knitting love!! Harry definitely needs something new, and now I am humming ‘I’m just wild about Harry’!!!

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