Happy Mother’s Day

On Sunday, which was Mother’s Day here, husby and Connor went off to the shops in the morning, to buy “flowers for his mum”. Of course it was an excuse (although he did, in fact, buy flowers for his mum), and they came home with a lovely package for me, which Connor excitedly told me, in that way that 4yos do, that “it is a necklace!”, before I’d even opened it.

It was a lovely necklace, but not very practical for wearing with a small person with grabby hands. So with husby’s permission, I went back to the shop today and exchanged it for more practical bangles – these ones:

Which I can wear together or separately, and which I plan to wear all the time. Maybe he might buy me the necklace again in a few years, when the little people will be a bit bigger and a bit less grabby handed!

I also decided to start a new project on Sunday. Something for meeeeee! With lush yarn, Debbie Bliss Andes:

It is, of course, a honey cowl. I bought the yarn, four colours of the Andes, with this pattern in mind. I’m not entirely sure it is working out quite as I had pictured it in my mind, but I think I’m liking it. And I can’t seem to stop knitting it, so hopefully it will be finished soon. Since I really should be working on C’s stripey cardigan, which I started last year, and which only has half a sleeve plus buttons bands and bottom band to go:


I know at least one of you will ask, so here he is, in all his glory, The Legend, as we have taken to calling him – sleeping through the night already!

H is for Handsome, as the shop assistant in the jewellery store said today. Heh heh.



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6 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. happy mothers day and what gorgeous bangles – GJ perhaps…….

    love the honey cowl

  2. DrK

    Gorgeous bangles gorgeous knitting gorgeous Legend! I totally want one of those stripey cardigans myself 🙂

  3. I love the bangles, they will be nice and sturdy for little hands to grab onto. Plus they will make you feel a bit dressed up even on days you can not even grab a shower. I just downloaded that pattern, it has been in my ravelry library for ages, you have inspired me.

  4. Madmad

    Here sure is! Happy Mother’s Day – sounds like you had a lovely one! And the knitting is great, too – I love the stripes, on both! Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  5. Ahh, bangles seem much more practical! They are lovely 🙂

    I like the colours of the Honey Cowl, look forward to seeing the finished result.

    Both your little men are H for Handsome too!!

  6. Happy Belated Mother’s Day!! Love the bangle and yes, little children just can’t hold in their excitement sometimes, which is so sweet. Sleeping through the night?? Hi is for mum and dad are Happy!!! He looks very happy too as well as handsome. Nice knitting, the cowl will be luxuriously warm. You must like it more than you think if you can’t stop knitting.

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