Three year plan

When I started this project three years ago today, I thought I’d make enough for a queen sized quilt. I knew it was a lot of puffs, and thought it would take me at least three years…well, I got one thing right. It is a LOT of puffs. But now I need to re-estimate – it will take at least five years! And maybe another year to join them all together, heh!

I got them all out yesterday, just for fun:

I considered jumping on top of that pile, but didn’t fancy having to pick them all up off the floor, and maybe loose some in the process! Instead, I laid them all out to see how big my quilt in progress is.

Not bad! 123cm/48″ wide and 130cm/51″ long. And 643 puffs. I thought about doing the maths to work out exactly how many I would need for 150cm x 200cm but then my brain broke. So I will just keep puffing along for another few years…



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11 responses to “Three year plan

  1. That is a huge undertaking and I am in awe of you.

  2. Madmad

    Whoa. That’s all I can say. Whoa. That is impressive.

  3. Sue

    Madness, indeed! But impressive – you really can’t stop now.

  4. travellersyarn

    When I grown up, I want to be you. How can you have such persistence?
    P.S. Someone needs to teach my daughters how to purl….

  5. I admire your tenacity. It will be an amazing blanket … eventually!

  6. Looks great and you did very well. I just taught my niece knitting and she is now working on this project too and her target is 500 in a year for a small blanket.

  7. You are amazing! Look at them all. I still love that pattern all these yeasr on 😉

  8. Oh they look wonderful and such fun!! It is slow knitting like slow cooking. You have such fortitude and perseverance!!!

  9. That is such a lot of little sculptural bits. It will be so beautiful when you finish. I am still embroidering a table cloth and have been working on it for 25 years or so……(it’s what happens when you only work on it for short bursts of time every year or so).

  10. DrK

    wow, it just looks so spectacular. i want to jump in and roll around in it. do you think you could just keep going and knit one of those ball pits? a puff pit. hehe.

  11. It will be so glorious! I am in awe….

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