Happy half-birthday

Would you believe this little moppet was six months old yesterday?!

And almost grown out of his third set of clothes! I had to get out the next size up yesterday, and buy a few more things (the downsides of having opposite season babies, although the growth should slow down within the next six months, so I’ll have correct season clothes and won’t have to buy hardly anything!)
He is now rolling, eating, sleeping through the night (LEGEND!) and (I think) cutting his first tooth – not sure, as I keep thinking I see flashes of white in the gum, and he is chewing on everything but nothing has quite appeared yet!
Fortunately, I managed to finish his latest knitwear while it is still cold enough for him to wear it – even if it means wearing it almost every day until summer hits!
Pattern: Kurt, by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Studio 30, a lovely pattern book for kids. Nice range of sizes, this goes up to size 5, so I could have made it for Connor, but I thought a nice little 9mo size would be so much quicker to knit. And the recipient can’t tell me he’ll wear it “another day”, like his big brother does when I suggest he wear a handknit (sigh).

Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Zara in shade 1912 (red – duh!), just under 4 x 50g balls. I do so love Zara. So soft, so nice to knit with, shows up a textured pattern like this one so well. One of my favourite yarns.

Sticks: 3.25mm and 4mm KnitPro Karbonz interchangeables, from Suzy Hausfrau. Love these needles! I know a lot of people have problems with KnitPro/KnitPicks cables breaking, but in my (I think) 8 years of using them, I’ve never had an issue. I love the Karbonz, feel really nice in my ands and the metal tips give a satisfying click clack when using them.

Time: 1 April 2014 – 9 August 2014. I had a big gap where I put this aside to finish other things, so it was maybe a months worth of knitting – during the Tour de France in particular, when I did much of this knitting. And (as usual) it took a week before I sewed the buttons on.
Modifications: I made the body a little longer (as I always do with baby garments) and I changed te ribbing so that the pattern flows nicely out of the ribbing – it was a bit of a hassle – I think I started both front pieces at least two or three times each before I got it right – ugh! But definitely worth it.

(This is pre-blocking so harder to see, you’ll have to trust me on this one!)
I also learned that when a pattern has a shawl collar, made with short rows, then you really do need to pick up the numbers of stitches specified for the buttonband/collar. Usually I’m a bit fast and loose with the numbers, as it doesn’t matter for a standard buttonband. But in this case, it really does matter. Fortunately, I had tried to stick to the numbers, and was only two off at the end, which is not noticeable. I didn’t block it again after knitting the collar, so it doesn’t roll over like a shawl collar should, but that’s ok – a stand up collar helps keep the back of the neck warm, right?

Harry seems to approve! Happy half-birthday my little legend!



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14 responses to “Happy half-birthday

  1. Helen Turnbull

    Thanks for this post. My granddaughter also had her half-birthday yesterday, and it is hard to believe how much she has grown. The cardi looks perfect. Love the colour.

  2. Jan

    Your baby is beautiful and looks absolutely gorgeous in that fabulous cardigan.

  3. DrK

    it’s funny, a half year isnt very long, but it feels like he’s been around for ages. i cant believe how quick they grow. that cardi really is so gorgeous. fitting for a Legend xx

  4. Madmad

    A handsome sweater for a handsome guy! Happy half-birthday to the both of you!

  5. Six months already? Where has the time gone, he is the perfect little cherub, I want to plant a huge kiss on those sweet cheeks.
    Hugs and love the sweater too.

  6. Happy half-birthday, Harry. Maybe the red cardi could be the first of a six-monthly series of knits for Harry. So sad that Connor is already showing knitwear reluctance.

  7. Gorgeous pictures. Nearly as cute as he is in real life.

  8. He is gorgeous. What a smile and I think red is definitely his color!

  9. Beautiful apparel for a lil legend!

  10. Happy half-birthday to Harry! What a gorgeous sweater.

  11. Totally gorgeous baby and fabulous cardi! I love my karbonz dpns and am thinking of getting the circulars too. Your bub is so beautiful.

  12. Happy Half-birthday Harry!!! He does look spiffing in his cardi and I am most impressed with the ribbing and pattern flowing so well.

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