SHOESday: a welcome return!

So few new shoes lately. But when I saw these I could not stop thinking about them. The shoes you get when you are too much of a scaredy cat to get the real thing!

I really don’t do pain very well, so a real tattoo was never on the cards for me. Plus there’s no way I could make a decision on something to be etched on me permanently. What if I changed my mind?

The problem with these shoes (a brand called Hot Chocolate) is that there are too too many cute options – all the same basic mary jane shoe shape, but such cute and unique designs. I found it really hard to narrow it down to these. I just may buy one or two (or three) pairs more…

In the meantime, I’ll make do with these – I’ve worn them twice this week already and I only received them yesterday, heh.



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6 responses to “SHOESday: a welcome return!

  1. Oh, so cute! You rule with those shoes!

  2. I love them! I’m with you on the indecisive factor about tattoos.

  3. I’d rather have awesome shoes than a tattoo any day, I love your new ones.

  4. DrK

    yes i contemplated a tattoo once. i think getting my nose pierced and dying my hair hot pink was as close as i got. they are fantastic shoes, so cute and clever and also practical, and they look great on. cant wait to get my hands…er, feet, on a pair!

  5. Ths funny thing about a tattoo is that once you get one, it stimulates the desire for another and another. I have 2 and may have gotten more if my husband hadn’t requested that I stop.

    I got mary jane style shoes for the summer and while I loved them (I got black/blue ones and beige/orange ones), they didn’t have nearly enough support and at the end of the day my feet/ankles/knees hurt. I am slowly moving back into shoes and socks for the fall and my feet feel better already.

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