Jam jam jam jam, jam jam jam jam

Strawberries are soooo cheap right now. I don’t remember them ever being this cheap (although they must have been). So I decided I would make strawberry jam. I don’t even like strawberries that much (or strawberry jam, for that matter), but there you go.

So I bought myself a heap of strawberries (2kg – although it ended up being about 1.8 after hulling and taste testing from the helpers) and some jam sugar (not strictly necessary, but I thought why not?!) and found myself a recipe. I looked at others, but this was the only one (that I recall) that didn’t use the same amount of sugar as fruit. Interesting.

My mum is here so we had a production line – she hulled and I sliced. Slicing not required by the recipe but I’m glad I did, it made the next step a lot easier. And I don’t like really chunky jam anyway.

My other helper assisted with this step – mashing the strawberries and sugar together to form strawberry mush (or slurry – neither word is particularly appetising, heh!).

And then it was on to the stove to boil away. I did it for a lot longer than the recipe, at least 20-30 minutes. I tested it on a cold plate – when you put the jam on a cold plate (from the freezer) and then draw your finger through it, it should stay separate. It didn’t quite stay entirely separate the second time I tested, but it was good enough. I didn’t want to burn it!

I ended up with four jars – I had exactly the right amount for four jars! I think they are 500ml jars, which is not bad – 2l of jam from 2kg of strawbs.

Nice colour too (brighter red, not as dark as the picture). And the taste was pretty good too. The littlest helper waited (almost) patiently for the jam to cool and was most excited to finally try it.

And it got the thumbs up all around. A bit runny, although once its refrigerated it might be a bit less so. I would definitely make jam again! Am going to have to make some scones so we can try the jam with cream too. And maybe a Victoria sponge…



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7 responses to “Jam jam jam jam, jam jam jam jam

  1. Looks good! Mmm, scones with jam and cream….

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing. I’m going to try to make a batch on the weekend. I have the same hard. I bought them to make blood orange marmalade previously. I found the plate test not that accurate. Mine didn’t pass the test, but once it cooked down, it set beautifully.

  3. Madmad

    Looks DELISH, and I bet your little helper was very psyched! If you run into additional strawberries you can’t seem to resist, might I suggest pie? Like you, I’m not much of a fan of either the berry or the jam…but the pie, OH, the pie. So good.

  4. DrK

    i think vic sponge or scones are the only times i actually like jam at all, and i can imagine how much nicer the home made variety is. im intrigued by your technique, because i always thought jam was really complex but this sounds really easy. and yay for willing helpers!

  5. Your jam looks very yummy and I am sure it was because of the expert mashing.

  6. I enjoy making jam. last summer I got hold of some sour cherries and turned them into jam. What a revelation! They were delicious. I have a love/hate relationship with strawberry jam. The good stuff is delicious but I’ve also had some really unpleasant stuff as well.

    How lovely to have such a willing helper. Everytime he eats something with jam on it, he’ll remember that he helped make it.

  7. Yummy! What a fun family activity.

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