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SHOESday: a welcome return!

So few new shoes lately. But when I saw these I could not stop thinking about them. The shoes you get when you are too much of a scaredy cat to get the real thing!

I really don’t do pain very well, so a real tattoo was never on the cards for me. Plus there’s no way I could make a decision on something to be etched on me permanently. What if I changed my mind?

The problem with these shoes (a brand called Hot Chocolate) is that there are too too many cute options – all the same basic mary jane shoe shape, but such cute and unique designs. I found it really hard to narrow it down to these. I just may buy one or two (or three) pairs more…

In the meantime, I’ll make do with these – I’ve worn them twice this week already and I only received them yesterday, heh.



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SHOESday: rockin’ it (or something)

I guess I’m having a mid-life crisis. Or reverting to my youth. Or something. Because last week I bought these:

Trust me, they are much brighter YELLOW in real life!

I did think about them quite a bit before I took the leap, as phrases such as “mutton dressed up as lamb” went through my head. But then the 40-something adult in me took over, the one who doesn’t really care what people think of my appearance, the one who wants to inject a bit of fun (and, let’s face it, practicality) into my winter wardrobe.

The one who is totally going to ROCK these boots.


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SHOESday: yellow!

I know! It’s SHOESday! It’s been a long time…

Since I threw out about 10 pairs of shoes on the weekend (I KNOW!), and the sales are still on, I decided to treat myself. (I even redid my pedicure for you!)

How could I resist these? Sensible comfortable flats:

In yellow! With built-in tape measure!

Perfect for wearing to knitting get-togethers or sewing days…if only the tape measure was to scale, heh!


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SHOESday: Trip Trip Trippen Along

We went to Melbourne for the Australia Day long weekend, just gone.  We had a great little apartment in the city (Flinders Lane, for those in the know).  Perfect location.

Especially when I discovered what was just around the corner…Sole Devotion!  I nearly hyperventilated when I saw it.  Especially when I saw the big “SALE” balloons in the window.

And of course I made a purchase!

I was so pleased to find these in this great metallic – not too shiny, goes with everything kinda colour.  I was very tempted by a similar pair with a piece of leather knitted fabric going from the toe strap up to the ankle strap – and they were called “Knit” – but decided that these were more classic.

I am so very pleased with my new shoes! 

And apart from a horrible 10 minutes on the plane during takeoff on the way down, during which he screamed and thrashed about, Connor travelled very well.  But for that 10 minutes, I think I deserved a new pair of shoes, heh!


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SHOESday: Parity Party!

So for the last month or so, Australians who like to buy stuff on the internet from the US have been having a bit of a parity party, because our dollar has been close to, at or even over the US dollar! I don’t know if this has ever happened since our dollar was floated! (It definitely wasn’t when husby and I were in the US a few years ago – I think our dollar bought about US0.75 – bummer!)

I thought about buying lots of yarn but I refrained. I am so strong! (heh!!)

But I did buy a pair of shoes – they really were a bargain! And have a return shipping address in Australia in the event they don’t fit. Lucky I don’t need it!

I normally don’t go for shoes with a lot of white on them – except for sneakers.

But I reckon these qualify as sneakers – wedge heeled sneakers! Ha! I love them! So comfortable! Just like sneakers but a teeny bit more dressy – and can be worn with a skirt, weeeeee!


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SHOESday: itty bitty

Bells’ post today (which you must check out if you haven’t already!) gave me an idea. Even if I am no longer buying new shoes (much…) I have some other new shoes I can show off:

Are these not the coolest little boy shoes ever!! (For my American friends, Dunlop Volleys are Australian made tennis shoes – since 1939 – that are so daggy that they are cool again. Although not as cool as Converse All-Stars) (I’m not sure if there is a UK equivalent?)

These were a gift from my second baby shower (now I really really feel spoilt saying that – as if one shower wasn’t enough, which it totally was!). Rather than bore you all with even more stuff, you can check out the rest of the loot here on flickr if you wish!

Although I will leave you with a picture of one other gift.

I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing that apparently this is an essential for new mothers!!!

I promise there will be actual knitting content coming up on this blog soon!


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SHOESday: 1 in 12

Last Thursday started innocently enough … DrK came up to Sydney for the day (and night), we met up in Kinokuniya (and did not buy any knitting books) and went to SnB. And it all went up from there!

Margarita arrived and was wearing the MOST DIVINE shoes! OMG! Red! Patent! Criss-cross straps! All things I cannot resist! And when we found out she bought them from the nearby Camper store, on sale, DrK and I looked at the shoes, looked at each other, and almost agreed telepathically that we were heading there when SnB finished (well, the first half of SnB, before we change locations to a nearby hotel bar).

With almost indecent haste, we packed up our knitting and almost ran to the Camper store. And when we spotted the Shoes, I think choirs of angels were heard in the background. They had the Shoes! In both our sizes!

And I knew immediately that they would be mine.

DrK, although she felt the same love, took a little more convincing. I discovered from the sales assistant that the two pairs of the Shoes (in our sizes!) were the last ones in Australia, and that Australia had only been sent 12 pairs of these Shoes in all. So whispers of “1 in 12”, “practically unique”, “red!” “patent” and the like, accompanied with much giggling like a schoolgirl, ensured that we both left the store accompanied by a bag each with the Shoes!
So good! So red! So patent! So comfortable! So cool! So goes with everything!
So excellent.


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SHOESday: I’ll get you my pretties!

Fortunately I didn’t have to drop my house on the Wicked Witch of the East to do so!

I first saw these on a blog (I think) of someone in the US (I think…I really can’t remember who!). Then I saw them again on Gidget’s Socks, and she was kind enough to tell me where she bought them – and so of course I was there in a flash! A sparkly red glittery flash! Even my husband said “oh yes, you HAD to have those!” when I showed them to him!
And I’ve worn them every time I’ve gone out of the house since I got them! Ruby slippers for the 21st century woman!


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SHOESday: I told you…

Last week, you’ll remember I told you patience IS a virtue.

And one that will be rewarded!

Here’s the second pair of shoes I bought on sale:

Yes, a size up from my regular size so that I could wear them with socks (handknit of course!)

They are SO COMFORTABLE and provide a much dressier shoe than the others I bought specifically to wear with socks.
And they remind me so much of my highland dancing shoes (you probably didn’t know I did highland, or Scottish, dancing when I was a kid). I always love the dancing shoes with the cris-crossing elastic, and particularly always wanted a pair I could wear around like regular shoes.
Well now I have them. And I am most pleased! In fact, I’m seriously thinking of buying another pair for when these ones wear out!!


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SHOESday: Patience IS a virtue!

When I finished work a few months ago, I figured I’d buy myself a pair of shoes to celebrate. I had two pairs of shoes in mind, both flats (very practical for a non-working person!) but just couldn’t decide between them. So I decided to wait. And hope that they’d go on sale.

Well, my patience was rewarded. Both pairs of shoes, on sale, half price! And in the correct sizes!

So here’s pair #1.

These had their first outing today (yes, another knitting playdate!).

Today, with jeans, but think they’ll also be great with a skirt.

The colour isn’t quite right, they are a fabulous purple suede.

A bit girly, and a lot of fun!


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