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With a little help from my friends

Two loads of washing on the line on this lovely sunny breezy winter’s day, a sleeping baby and a slew of FOs. Must be about time for a blog post!

Let’s start with this one – a lovely crochet scarf that I started and finished with the help of some friends.

Pattern: Elise by Evan Plevinski. A lovely easy free pattern. I was inspired to make this by my blog friend Meredith, who made four, or possibly five or six of these in quick succession last year. I think I’d had the pattern in my queue, but it was Meredith’s lovely versions that made me actually start it – which I did at the Knitters Guild knit camp last year.

Yarn: Sundara petite sock yarn in (what else) “Red Roses”. When this colour was released, I clearly had to have it – as did a couple of my friends – we ordered enough to qualify for free shipping, which is a big plus given Sundara’s ridiculously overpriced shipping charges. (I might have ordered enough in sport weight for a cardigan too…). It was a bit of a pain to wind, until I got it going, then it was ok. Great colour though.

Hook: 5.5mm – such a big hook for a fingering/4ply yarn! But worth it – look at the difference blocking makes:

Time: 22 September 2013 – 18 May 2014. I would have finished much earlier, but I ran out of yarn, and I didn’t want to undo a few rows to start the edging early, as it is a fairly small shawl. Fortunately, the group order meant that the lovely DrK had some of the same yarn and was wailing to let me have enough to finish off the edging – which I did one Sunday when I visited her for lunch before she jetted off to the US.

A lovely easy pattern, I would definitely recommend it.



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Yet another one skein wonder

Not that I’ve been on a run of one-skein wonders, nor do I have any of the books, but if you are looking for a nice easy crochet pattern to use up a ball of long-colour run striping sock yarn, then this is the ideal project!

Pattern: Noro Windowpane Scarf by Adrienne Lash. As mentioned, quick and easy, and also, bonus, free! You can of course, use any long colour change yarn (as I did) or even a solid or semi-solid yarn. But I really do think that it is a pattern that allows the yarn to do all the work when you use Noro or similar. I worked on this project during crochet clinics at the shop, when I didn’t have any students or wasn’t immediately helping anyone, and it received lots of favourable comments.

Yarn: 1 x 100g ball of Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball, in the grey/black/white colour (11532100). One ball in this width gives the perfect length scarf, I think. I was also tempted, while I was making it, to actually make two out of the same yarn and sew them together lengthwise to make it more of a wrap. I think it would look really effective with the colour changes being in different spots on both scarves, but sewn together (if that makes sense?).

Hook: 3.5mm Clover soft touch hook

Time: 24 May – 8 November 2013 – it didn’t really take that long to make, but I usually only worked on it every fortnight during clinics, in between helping others and other projects too, so it would work up quite quickly – plenty of time to run one up for a Christmas present if you needed to! And something I just noticed, I bought this ball of yarn on November 13, 2012 – it’s so rare that I use yarn within a year of buying it, I almost need to celebrate that! By buying some more, perhaps, heh heh.

Modifications: I made the scarf one repeat wider than the pattern specified – the good thing about this pattern is you can adapt it to any width. I also did the “solid” rows in treble (US dc) rather than half-treble, I just thought it looked better (and I prefer to work trebles than htr)

I think it would also work really well as a cowl, just by joining the ends together. I can see myself making this pattern again (something I don’t often say!)


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Windward, Cro!

You know how it is sometimes with a group of knitter friends – someone knits a great pattern, in great yarn, and then someone else does the same pattern, and then another, and then another, and they are all such great versions.

It was like this with this project, with one little twist – instead of the knit version, I made a crochet version. And I’m really very happy with it, it’s been my most worn accessory since I finished it!

That’s the beauty of the Noro – it goes with everything (well, everything in my wardrobe that’s a neutral, which is just about everything!)

Pattern: Zoe’s Lace by Julie Blagojevich – inspired by the very popular Windward by Heidi Kirrmaier. Blagojevich has converted quite a few popular knit scarf/shawl patterns to crochet, always acknowledges this in her designs and they are very reasonably priced too.

This was a great takealong project – relatively mindless but still interesting due to both the construction and of course the colour changes. It is constructed in sections or modules, each building on the previous one (so entirely seamless as well).

It has a modern assymetrical look, which really appeals to me.

Yarn: Noro Sekku, 2x50g balls in colour 6. Love this yarn for this pattern. It does have a few thick slubby bits, which would be annoying in a regular laceweight yarn but somehow didn’t really bother me in the Noro. I did, however, cut out all the bright pink sections of the yarn, heh heh.

Hook: 3.25mm Clover Soft Touch – I really like these hooks (although want to try out their new Amour hooks now! There’s always something new to try/buy, isn’t there)
Time: 23 January 2013 – 14 March 2013 – this went really quickly, I was finished before I even knew it.

Modifications: I mostly made the pattern as written, except to make some of the sections a bit bigger/longer than the pattern specified. Mainly because my version was working out shorter than expected, and because I wanted to use as much of the yarn as possible! As it turns out, it is quite a good length, although it could be a fraction longer.

Overall, I am really happy with this project – it was fun to make and I love wearing it!


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Happy Christmas Mum

I planned to make a crochet scarf for my mum for Christmas. I even started it in early October. But it was put aside for one thing and another, and is still unfinished. Her birthday is in April so that is my new deadline!

But I did still manage to make a crochet scarf for mum for Christmas, even if not the one originally planned. It helped that it was small and in a luscious luscious 8ply yarn.


Pattern: the popular (thanks to the gorgeous version made by Lucy of the Attic24 blog) Japanese Flower Motif Shawl by Mayuko Hashimoto. What a great pattern! Looks great in neutral tones, a riot of colours, or just a few colours. I had already shown it to mum, as I’d taught a class on it at Calico & Ivy a while back, and she thought it would be most wearable in one row, rather than 3 or 4 rows (which is much more shawl-like) – this one is definitely a scarf. I made it a little more interesting (for me, anyway!) by offsetting the flowers when I joined them (which is done as you go, rather than at the end). And I included a couple of plain ones, for a bit of variety!

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Andes – 3 balls, one in red, denim blue and silver grey – I might have squeaked in a couple more motifs, but I wasn’t sure, and mum didn’t want a really long scarf in any event. This is a lovely lovely yarn. Gorgeous colours, feels fantastic to work with, and so lovely.

Hook: 4mm clover hook, with soft touch grip. I have recently bought some of these hooks, and they are lovely to work with, I found my hands became sore less often when I used these hooks. The thumb grip might not be for everyone, but I really like it.
Time: 13-19 December 2012. Which also makes this my last FO of 2012!

And best of all, mum loved it!


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