Keeping Track – August 2010

Even though I do have an FO or two to show you as a result of my August efforts, I’m afraid more yarn came into the stash than out of it.

Not to worry… since sock club yarn doesn’t really count (much)

And gift/prize yarn, beautifully wrapped:

doesn’t count at all:

Thanks so much Lyn!
I feel I should also make an exclusion rule for lovely organic cotton bought from a new yarn store (on the basis that supporting a new yarn store/cafe venture should give me a leave pass) but I guess that would really be pushing it! I’m going to make a stripey something for Connor out of this.

In: 6 x 50g balls
Out: 2 x 50g balls
YTD: 29 x 50g balls – 3.5 balls per month, woo hoo!


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12 responses to “Keeping Track – August 2010

  1. Anybody know of a knitting community, kind of like Nimbin? Could somebody please make one. We could all sit together around tea and scones everyday(knitting, of course) and nobody would ever have to apologise for having bought more wool. LOL.

  2. ooh you did score some lovely stuff this month! Good work. And of course not an ounce of it counts as real stash!

  3. Doesn't count as all – and supporting new yarn shops is VERY important! Looking forward to seeing the stripey something.

  4. jp

    The organic cotton was too nice to leave up on that shelf.

  5. Broken biscuits wool!! Broken biscuits have no calories, you know!! Love the red and the sock wool and the 'doesn't count' wool too!!

  6. Of COURSE none of it counts! I, too, am looking forward to seeing your little stripey something ON the little man, of course!

  7. You need to do a little re-stocking before the Christmas knitting rush. And of course, the gift doesn't count at all. I'm looking at the list of things, ". . . I still haven't done yet this year . . ." And there in June is, "Do my tax." Is this something we need to worry about?

  8. ohhh! i love that organic cotton yarn. it looks so soft. came to the conclusion the other day that instead of feeling guilty about the yarn i do have it's more like i don't have enough yarn because i never seem to have the exact yarn i want to knit with next.

  9. you know what i think of sock club yarn. and im glad you went with those 2 greens, they will suit him perfectly. whatchya gonna make? didya cast it on yet?!

  10. The lovely stuff for Connor falls under the 3/50 spending. It's an effort to spend 50 dollars in 3 local stores every month or so to help support local businesses. You're covered!

  11. Those soft sage green colours are so perfect for small child knits…and the cotton looks so soft. Good purchase.

  12. It is so much fun having a little one to knit for! FO's appear like magic, and then you HAVE to get more yarn appropriate for little ones!

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