With a little help from my friends

Two loads of washing on the line on this lovely sunny breezy winter’s day, a sleeping baby and a slew of FOs. Must be about time for a blog post!

Let’s start with this one – a lovely crochet scarf that I started and finished with the help of some friends.

Pattern: Elise by Evan Plevinski. A lovely easy free pattern. I was inspired to make this by my blog friend Meredith, who made four, or possibly five or six of these in quick succession last year. I think I’d had the pattern in my queue, but it was Meredith’s lovely versions that made me actually start it – which I did at the Knitters Guild knit camp last year.

Yarn: Sundara petite sock yarn in (what else) “Red Roses”. When this colour was released, I clearly had to have it – as did a couple of my friends – we ordered enough to qualify for free shipping, which is a big plus given Sundara’s ridiculously overpriced shipping charges. (I might have ordered enough in sport weight for a cardigan too…). It was a bit of a pain to wind, until I got it going, then it was ok. Great colour though.

Hook: 5.5mm – such a big hook for a fingering/4ply yarn! But worth it – look at the difference blocking makes:

Time: 22 September 2013 – 18 May 2014. I would have finished much earlier, but I ran out of yarn, and I didn’t want to undo a few rows to start the edging early, as it is a fairly small shawl. Fortunately, the group order meant that the lovely DrK had some of the same yarn and was wailing to let me have enough to finish off the edging – which I did one Sunday when I visited her for lunch before she jetted off to the US.

A lovely easy pattern, I would definitely recommend it.



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8 responses to “With a little help from my friends

  1. So lovely to see the finished shawl. Also, a great illustration of how blocking makes the shawl so much more elegant.

  2. Beautiful work my love! And hurrah for Dr K for letting you have a sneaky bit of her yarn to finish up

  3. Oh my goodness it is beautiful, I love it in that gorgeous deep red, it makes me want to make another one, but I am going to hold steady at five for now.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Madmad

    Wow, that is so pretty! Love the blocking shots, too!

  5. DrK

    beautiful yarn, beautiful shawl. i’m glad i could help, eventually. 3 grams wasnt it? ha ha. i hope you’re wearing it right now!

  6. gorgeous! A lovely pattern and yarn.

  7. It is a gorgeous pattern and the shawl is so pretty, even prettier when it is blocked. How kind of Dr K to be so woolily helpful!! So, I need to wait for wool called Green Labradors then?!!!

  8. That is sensational !!!!!

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