Stash Honesty – April 2012

My motto for this month:  In for a penny, in for a pound.

I suspect that says it all really!  Events and my lack of willpower conspired against me this month!

First off, Stash Swap at Lyn’s.  I didn’t take any stash but might have left with a few other people’s…

Couldn’t pass up the red Baby Cashmerino

Or the blue Superior at a ridiculously low price

And this grey/blue Fearless Fibres called to me (I think it is a Siren in yarny disguise).

And I also collected a bunch of leftovers for more sexypuffs!  Including a huge ball of possum yarn!  Thanks to Jody, Lyn and MissFee for these lovelies!

And then a long weekend away, involving a trip to the lovely Sew and Tell in Berry, and then for the day to KnitCamp in Wollongong. I was a good girl at Berry, a bit less so at KnitCamp…

Ugh, lets just get to the totals, shall we?

In:  35 x 50g (see, I said In for a penny, in for a pound, didn’t I?!)
Out:  6 x 50g knitted and 4 x 50g destashed (thank goodness for that!)
Metres used: 961m (YTD: 4,030.5)
Stash neutral: Hell no!  Not any more…+19.75 x 50g balls

Oh, and did I mention the Sundara?

How could I not – the colour is Red Roses (and is SO MUCH NICER than this picture – deeper, darker and about 1000 times more beautiful than this shot!). 



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20 responses to “Stash Honesty – April 2012

  1. DrK

    i cant get the sundara to photo properly either, but it one of the nicest reds EVER. and im glad to see you getting in there amongst it yarn wise. you did good 🙂

  2. beautiful additions to your yarny family there! I am sitting here trying to picture the best red ever. It's undoubtedly stunning.

  3. Really, you just have to strike while the iron is hot sometimes, the chance might not come again, And you need to keep those sexypuffs coming, MrsDrWho has just discovered patchwork hexagons and is as smitten as you are: they are addictive!!

  4. Wow what a haul. Good on you – a bargain is a bargain and should not be missed !! I just need to know where this stash swap takes place 🙂

  5. Well done! All good purchases…

  6. Whoa. That IS a fall. But sooo worth it – beauties all!

  7. Sundara! I have wondered about that for the longest time – have heard it's positively dreamy!

  8. If you see all that beautiful yarn you have to grab it. Life is too short for yarn diets. Happy Wednesday,Meredith

  9. You definitely couldn't have ignored that red cashmerino … it had your name on it!Fleur xx

  10. Love the spectacular diving in for a pound! So many pretties. Also love love love your crochet necklaces, really special.

  11. Surely bargain yarn does not count? Or souvenir yarn? It's all lovely, in any case!

  12. amy

    Been-away stuff doesn't count. I've already told my husband I'm going to need a bit of cash for the Squam Art Fair…

  13. Ann

    Lovely choices & I will have a big problem resisting them especially that red Sundara. Well, you can try & knit from stash next month like I have been trying (unsuccessfully).

  14. You've been so good that you really did need to reward yourself. And all these are very stashable. What are you going to make with the Sundara?

  15. Gee, when you put it like that, with all the yarn acquiring opportunities I'm impressed you didn't end up with more! Loooove that sundara, the red is truly beautiful and tempting.

  16. del

    At least everything you took in is absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn't feel guilty in the slightest 🙂

  17. How could you possible resist all that lovely redness?! I made a scarf out of Sundara, and it turned out amazingly well. You will love knitting with it.

  18. That is some gorgeous yarn you go there. 🙂

  19. Looks like some lovely additions to the stash!

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